How To Care For Plated Jewelry To Make It Last

How To Care For Plated Jewelry To Make It Last

As fine jewelry becomes more unattainable in price, plated and demi-fine jewelry is growing more popular across the globe. But between plated jewelry vs gold fill vs vermeil and so many other factors, the universal question is this: how do I care for my plated jewelry to make it last like fine jewelry? Today, we'll be breaking down the three cardinal rules to keep your new pieces looking new. 

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Rule #1: Don't be salty!

Sweat, salt water, hard water, chlorine, alcohols, sulfates in shampoos, and other outside factors can strip away a very important part of the plating and the outermost layer called an e-coating which is what keeps your gold super shiny and salts and chemicals are not ideal for this protective layer. When the e-coating is gone, you leave the gold vulnerable to fading and depending on the base metal (Au 79 uses recycled sterling silver making us hypoallergenic), tarnishing. For best results, take your pieces off when working out, swimming in the ocean or pools, and washing your hair. Go the extra mile by adorning yourself with your plated jewelry after you've gotten completely ready- lotions, perfumes, hairsprays on first before your pieces. That way you completely avoid a layer of anything that could take the shine away of your accessories. 

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Rule #2: Clean Up Nicely

If you do happen to get your pieces wet with chlorine or workout in your jewelry, don't fret! We recommend taking our Au 79 jewelry bag that came with purchase to lightly polish in circular motions to remove and irritants, film, or general grime. Don't have that bag anymore? We recommend a jersey t-shirt or pillowcase to wipe away anything. We highly recommend against using abrasive agents traditionally used for fine jewelry such as silver polish, polishing cloths, scrub brushes, and ultra sonic jewelry cleaners. 

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Rule #3: Store Your Pieces Correctly 

As you're winding down for the day, take the time to care for your pieces. Storing them in a cool, dry place and ideally in the jewelry bag it came in to protect from scratching the soft gold. 


With every purchase of Au 79 Jewelry, you receive a care card with all the above listed information as well as a jewelry bag to keep your new pieces safe.

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