Staple Accessories For Every Jewelry Box

Staple Accessories For Every Jewelry Box

Whether you're deciding on a forever kind of gift for somebody else or a special just-because for you, jewelry is a heartfelt option but the question of whether this is great for every day may creep up in your mind. Choosing staple items that can be dressed up, worn with sweats or swimsuits, or gifted for any occasion is the way to go. But what do these pieces look like? Not to worry- we broke it down for you. 

When in doubt, go classic.

Pearl and diamond CZ earrings and necklace. Classic jewelry.

When searching for a classic piece or set (such as our Sabine Duet set), ask yourself, "is this ageless?" What about "is this timeless?" And even "Style...less?" Not that this is without style, but rather can my style grow and develop and I can keep these pieces around? Can I go through the different natural phases of finding my personal style and continue to wear this? If the answer is yes, it's a purchase!


Avoid bright colored stones and opt in to clear or muted tones. 

Clear Emerald Necklace and Earrings

Take it from somebody who is obsessed with all things emerald and sapphire- clear stones are forever. What did Marilyn say again? "Diamonds are a girls best friend"? As chic as colored stones are, a clear stone never loses it's timeless aura. If you wear a lot of color, these provide a jewelry canvas that goes with anything you will wear. 


Still lost? Reach for a small hoop. 

Small baguette channel set hoops

Around here, we can't help but pair every look with a bold statement piece. But if you're trying to build your collection with extra gorgeous extra timeless pieces, start with a hoop that is no bigger than a quarter. These are easy for running errands, going to the office, dinner with friends, and evening events. The level of sparkle is entirely up to you!


What pieces do you find yourself reaching for daily? Tell us in the comments below. 

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